Essence of Product

Water management System - Total Peace of Mind

Essence of Product

Most customers have described this product as “awesome”, or “revolutionary”, or “miracle” or “incredible” or “fabulous”. No matter how you describe it, the LME WMS, water management system, breaks many technology and price barriers and reaches new heights of scientific advancement to manage the quantity and quality of water for your entire home.

In nutshell, LME-WMS not only displays the quality, quantity and usage of water in your home, it automatically controls the first two to the settings you choose.

And it does all this in a seamless manner where all components of the system communicate with each other without wire connections. The main data and control panel (MDCP) with a bright blue LED display enhances the décor of any kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or anywhere else in the home.

LME-WMS provides up to 5000 liters a day of 7 Star quality soft water at fraction of cost for hardness up to 550PPM