IMPACT of water hardness

Negative impact of hard water on your home and body

Impact of Water Hardness

When you have hard water, you may notice some of the effects on your fixtures and perhaps on your skin. What you may not know is just how many other negative ways that hard water can affect both your health and your home. There are so many ways that hard water can negatively impact your life that most people seek out a water softener as soon as they discover that they have hard water in their homes.


Dry Skin and Wrinkles


Hardness in water not only clogs the skin pores but also rips it off its essential oils. This can leave the skin feeling dry and scaly which over a period of time leads to premature aging (wrinkles).


Hair Loss


Hardness in water produces an excess filmy shampoo residue on hair which can leave it looking dull and limp. Also blockage of pores on scalp usually causes hairfall.




Calcium and Magnessium Hardness minerals protect bacteria in the water which can lead to infections particulary mouth diseases as most people brush there teeth in the tap water in the bathroom. Kids often swallow that water causing stomach diseases. Hard water also is the principle cause of the kidney stone in the human body. Even some skin cancers are attributable to hard water.


Scaled Dishes


The minerals in hard water such as calcium and magnesium, cause unsightly stains to form on the dishes. The lime scaling hardens the lime, harder to remove the unwanted rings and spots.


Decreases Life of Machines & Clothes


Certain minerals in hard water interact with the soap or detergent, which keep it from interacting with soils, stains and other dirt on clothes making it effective. The life of these clothes are reduced too. Also, it causes scale formation on the metal element in the machine which increases the energy consumption mainfolds.


High Gyser Bills


Hardness in water forms a layer of scale build-up in the Gyser tanks and electrical elements. The scale build-up reduces heat transfer and increases power consumption. The scale build-up may increases energy bills by up to 25%.


Clogged Shower


Sediments and scales are the biggest enemies of any faucet/shower head. Over a period of time these choke and become dysfunctional due to clogging of their holes and become green and unsightly due to the scale build-up.